Solid Wood Products


Do you have a specific customized project in mind?

Many of the products you see on this site can be produced as a custom item, to your preferred style or specific dimensions! Be it barn doors, shelves and shelving units, beams and faux beams, tables, counter tops, cabinets, no matter what kind of furniture or decorative wood product you may be looking for, we can help you bring that unique piece to your home! BAM Wood has been producing customized orders for years, and with our experienced team, we are able to offer you products of unparalleled quality, within a short time.

So if you have a project for decoration, renovation or construction, do not hesitate to contact our professionals to advise you and get a quick quote for your project. Send us an email at, or go to our Contact page, with all the details about your dream project, and we will help you make it a reality!